Thursday, 17 May 2018

My week and the recount.

This week we have had a lot of things Like the super boring map test rotations about the knew unit. We had to write a recount with four events in one paragraph. At the bottom is my recount wich is one paragraph. It is about how I got to soccer on Wednesday.

On wednesday I was going to go to soccer I was just finishing my dinner. When Oliver’s mom called my mom and said that the house that was being taken down next to their house had just had something fell from the house on to their gate and they couldn’t get out I think that It could’ve bent their bright green gate or blocked it. So I waited till they would send an email or call so I could go and get a ride with them. But after a while Oliver’s mom sent an email saying it would take too much time and they couldn’t go out of their house. So My mom went with my brother’s and brought me my brothers were still in their pajamas but they were only dropping me off at the pitch. When I got their I was so late 45 minutes late to be exact and when you are late to practice you need to run laps around the soccer field. Luckily I only needed to run 4 laps because I couldn’t be their earlier cause of the gate thing. When I was done I returned to training we were playing a friendly match against the U13 Hanoi dragons they are two years older than us. We had half of the team playing against them and the other half was practicing. When it was half time the team that was practicing went on to play. The score was two one to them. Our half was short but we didn't let any goals in unfortunately. After that we played a soccer match with just our team. It was so hot outside but we didn’t care we were having fun. At the end of the game we were all exhausted from the game.

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