Thursday, 10 May 2018

Math and Literacy

We had math rotations their are seven of them. These are the seven rotations Temperature, Length, Capacity, Area, Volume, Mass and time. Each one of the following paragraphs below are from each day I have done the rotations it talks a bit about what I did that day.

Today we were working on math rotations. I worked on the weight measurement station and the cool aide station. In the weight measurement. I found out that the wait of a pencil is 3 grams. I did a lot of other things and weighed them but I thought the pencil one was the most interesting. In the cool aide station. We were so pose to get the right mixture for yourself. The first one I made had a little bit of cool aide but too much water. The second one I did was too much cool aide and only a little bit of water. But over all I think that the first tasted the best. Over all their is too much sugar.

Today in the math rotations I worked on the Volume one. I measured the volume on the book belly up. The number of cubic centimeters of the book is 247 . I really enjoyed this rotation. IT was fun but took a lot of work because of the small cube's that are Units.

Today we were working on the Temperature station. We wanted to find out the temperature of the inside of the classroom and the temperature outside. After we did that We wanted to no if under the ground it is colder than outside. Even though it was outside it was still under the ground.

For literacy we were working on writing recounts. We were working on the description bubble which is Shape, Size, Color, Number, Texture, Location and Action/feeling. We wrote a recount about either the how we arranged our seating or The wizard of oz. This is my recount.                    Wizard Of Oz

I think the wizard of oz was spectacular even though I didn’t get to see it I performed in it. It was really fun. It was on may 10 at five fifteen. IT was Fourth grade Fifth grade  Middle School and High school.

The show went by quickly. We got dressed into the itchy costumes. Got the make up on our faces. First we put on foundation then blush made our cheeks look like we had apples on our cheeks. Put on the bright glossy lipstick. Then I had a middle schooler gel my hair up in a giant mow hawk. It was glossy and wet. She put it straight up. Put the hair spray on. I let it dry and then it felt like plastic. Then we went out to get our warm up.

We were in Ms Sally’s room when people started to come in. We were all so excited. We went out to sing our harmonies. When we finished singing them we went back to the room. For some reason everyone seemed to be silent. We played fun games. When it was time for munchkin land we were all so excited. I got my lollipop for tough guys. We went on the stage after twister. We all looked a little bit at the audience. When glinda the good witch of the the north said we could come out we showed our selves. Dorothy sang her song and we began to dance when we finished doing our dance. The meire gave his big speech and we began to dance to ding dong the witch is dead song. Then when we went to sing for the second time me and my other tough guys. When the music for the three tots. When the three tots finished we did our slow cool dance. Acting all tough and things like that. Then when it was time to do the spiral we snuck out quietly and snickely. Raced to the other side of the stage at the back so you could not see us gave our mics to the crows and went to get dressed for act two.      

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  1. I really liked how you put a lot of description on your post. For example instead of just saying Thursday you said the time, the date, the day, the place and the people. You also described the Make Up which made me think that I was making up too! You also went deeper into the story like instead of just saying cubic centimeters you said 247 cubic centermeters.