Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Week

This week we have been working on Judgement words and the approaches to learning and worked on a little bit on math.

For our PYPX we used the approaches to learning in our thinking. The approaches to learning are little thing that you might do or maybe you don't do it. Their are researching skills and thinking skills with self management skills with social skills and communication skills. I think i did these following time management wich is a self management skill a lot of social skills like respecting others cooperation and resolving conflict. My researcher was observing. And I think I did all of the communication skills.

For literacy we have been working on  responsive text. the purpose of responsive text is to give and opinion and visual object or event. The structure of a responsive text is first the Title then the Context the context is give a brief description of what it is. Then it is the description the description tells more about the object or event. Finally you have the Judgment. Judgment is pretty much just saying the authors opinion or point of view. In our class we have been working on judgment words wich can be negative of positive. So we have watched a phew short films and judging them with words.

We have a new thing know that we almost do every week it is called book club. In book club you put in your own reading level group with the other members that are the same reading level. Then each group picked and book to read after that you need to pick what literacy circle role you are. I picked the Investigator the investigator has to research about the topic the background and the author. We are reading the wringer. It is about a boy who lives in a tiny village named Waymer. In that town it is a tradition to be a wringer when you are 10 years old and you need to be a boy. In Waymer they have a festival that they bring a ton of pigeons and you shoot them. So if you are a wringer it means that when someone has shot the bird but it doesn't die and it falls on the ground you need to up to it and grab it by the neck then both hands twist the opposite way. But Palmer who is the main character does not want to be a wringer. It is writ-in by Jerry Spinelli the book is very good and I recommend it.

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