Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Music Concert

Two weeks ago we had a G5 & G4 music concert. It was on the 15 of march 2018. G5 & G4 performed a lot of singing and instruments. It was in the UNIS theater. G5 performed a bundle on singing, band and strings. We were preforming to show our parents our progress with music. I personally really liked doing it because it made me feel good playing and singing what I learned.

G5 band played three songs they were Mickey Mouse March, Let's rock and Lightly Row.  It was phenomenal,  the growth  of the students.

When grade 5 band was done they went into the music room to wait till the grade 5 strings were done. It was really boring waiting and playing hand games. We did do jokes that was fantastic but it was still really boring. We got to watch the grade 5 strings play on the projector but that could only stay on for a little bit.  When grade 5 strings were done they came in and waited with us. Then we needed to get ready in our height lines order. Then when the grade 4 strings were on and they finished we had the whole grade 4 sang their songs. Then grade 5 got to go and sing a was so pleased to get out of that room. I went with Oliver to get our guitars to join the grade five singing choir. After we sang a bundle of songs. We sang a amazing performance with grade 4. 

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