Thursday, 18 January 2018

This Week

This week we were working on the partial quotient method the types of governance. We also worked on some math problems.

The Partial Quotient method is a method that we will use for division. It has helped me a lot with my division these two week's. I use to be really bad at division and now with the partial quotient method and doing a lot on study ladder.

Our class has decided to be a democracy class. So we have a president and a prime minister and the four other ministry's like the ministry of justice ( court). We have our own rules ( laws), and our government.

Today we were working on our discussion essays. We were grading them by the purpose and the structure.

WE had a math problem about how many cubes you could pick up and the hand span about 5A students. We were finding the average in between all of the number's.

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  1. Hi Graham. It is such a thoughtful reflection. You covered most things that you had done this week. How do you think about the way government working in our class? What could the governors do to make our country to be a better place?