Thursday, 11 January 2018

The types of Governance

This week we were learning about the different types of governance. First we learned about monarchy. Monarchy is a type of government that has one leader who is a monarch. They are usually a a king, Queen or Emperor and Empress. They have power over their people. In our Monarchy we had a King Xavier he could choose what he wanted to do and all of the things he would have to choose to do. Some people didn't like what he did and it was challenging for him to pick seat for people.

Then we had anarchy the next day so we were all aloud to do what ever we wanted to do. But some people thought their could be leaders and so we had lots of groups of people so people thought their were leaders but really their weren't. Then Mr Nathan took over and he had complete power. So he made us work. So we were in a dictatorship he had complete power over us. So Mr. Nathan was the dictator. They have so much power that you keep your place.

The last type is Democracy. Democracy is the type of governance that all people vote for example when you vote for a president and who ever gets the most wins. So in our class we had to vote for someone who you thought was going to be a good president. So he chose how much time we did math, literacy and research.

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  1. Very thoughtful reflection. You clearly have a good idea of the four types of government systems that we explored in class. Adding commas and revising for overall grammar will make it easier for your reader. Also, did you learn anything in math or literacy? How comfortable are you with the partial-product method?