Thursday, 14 December 2017

Shark tank presentations.

In school today we had our presentations on our energy sources. We each got a country and a source of energy. In the past week we have searched on how it works and how it could be better. We made prototypes of our inventions and we made biogas. Our group got biogas is was a very interesting topic on how you use manure and food scraps.

We had judges looking at us and thinking of how to vote for us. I think my group did a great job but a think we could've been better when we spoke it should have been better.

Our prototype is a bottle with all of the organic substance that you wanted to use then you put yeast in warm water and pour it in with the organic substance then put water in with the biomass and put a balloon over it and in a few hours it would have methane gas would rise up and and fill the balloon up. Then with the gas you would spark it so you could cook and if you just wanted to cook you could leave the fire burning so that you could cook. If you wanted electricity you could have the fire and burn water in a tin can and then steam would come out to turn the turbine connected to the generator and you have electricity.

It is friday the day right before winter break and I will be going to phu quoc in vietnam.

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