Thursday, 7 December 2017

Maker Morning

During Maker Morning the fifth graders had to finish their projects on energy. My energy is Biomass, biomass is a type of energy that you transform organic substance into energy.

First my group was going to make the gas. We would need to have a Plastic bottle, Balloon, Yeast and the organic substance. We put the substance in in the bottle all mushed up and grinned. Put the yeast in warm water then put it in the bottle fill the balloon up with water and put it on. Then you shake it and leave it and wait the gas will slowly rise up (Ours is the one to the right down below.)

Then we wanted to do some thing with the gas so we decided that you can burn it with a spark and you can have your gas stove on and it is clean gas so no carbine dioxide and then you can cook or you could use your flame to burn the tin can on it's side with liquid in it so it will turn to steam and then it will come out a little tube to a turbine which when it spins it will create electricity. So we tried to do that so we made a prototype and burned the bottom on it's side and unfortunately we didn't have enough water. It burned the bottom of the can. Picture down below. 


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