Thursday, 9 November 2017

Shoe Shining

In class we wrote narratives on a picture of a bench.                                                            Shoe Shining

My name is Lavda and I live in Libya Al Jawf, my family does not have a lot of money.So one day I had to get a case to hold a cloth and spray to shoe shine. My mother said it will be the only way for my family to make money.So that was my job a shoe shiner I didn’t want to be a shoe shiner but it was the only way for my family to make money.  

The next day I woke up for shoe shining, I looked out the transparent window and stepped out of the squeaky and rough door and opened the case beside the sidewalk and started to yell shoe shiner shoe shiner. For the first few hours no one came.

Then a tall young man stepped in front of me and put his foot up for shoe shining. His hair was very long in dreadlocks.

I took the spray and sprayed it on the cloth and rubbed it on his shoe.

When I was done he gave me a few bills and said thank you.

“Lavda it’s time for dinner,” my mother called.

I put the spray and the cloth in the case and ran inside I gave my mother the money I earned and sat down at the table. We had soup for dinner and then I went up to bed.

In the morning my mother woke me up and told me to go buy a bench at the market for shoe shining.

So I got up got dressed and had some bread for breakfast and ran out the door I left the case that held the spray and cloth in the house. I hated shoe shining but it was the only way for my family to get money. When I got to the market I went to and old furniture shop and lucky enough they had a bench, it was a very old bench but it was very pretty and the shape of it was curvy. I payed for the bench and had to pay a little extra for some men to help me carry it home. It was a long time before we got home but my family was happy I got it. We put it in front of the door and I went to get my case to shoe shine.

Now there were lots of people coming and I was earning a lot more money than I used to. Sometimes I earned so much money that we could have chicken sandwiches.

I am starting to like my job and now my family has enough money to support my family, and now me and my siblings can go to school for three days a week and the rest of the days I am shoe shining and I have friends to have fun with and we skip all across the neighborhood.   

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