Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Ma Presentation

 In french we were making a french presentation. I chose a cat and I wanted it to be funny so I took a fat cat. This is what i said Bounjour je m'apple Graham mon chat s'apple Teale. Il est tres tres obeze est tres paresseux.Il est un chat noir et blanc. Il aime mange le jambon et poison. Il est tres coquin quand il mange. Les oreilles sont pointues. Il est gentil et il n'est pas mechant. et toi? quel est ton animal prefere? comment est ton animal domestique? 


If a could do it again i would try to get the poster in the video. I would ad more animal body parts . THANK YOU

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  1. Dear My Friend Graham (I Think),
    I really like how in your video you spoke loud and clear so I could understand everything you said. Next time, try to look at the screen more often and work on your pronouncing of the words