Thursday, 5 October 2017

Grade 5 Over Night Trip

I think that I changed in being more confident in myself in how that I am leaving home longer then most times and being able to go out of my home longer. I think that the overnight was really fun and I thought about vacation because pretty much it was vacation. The first day we got to school and went to the parking lot with our bags that had all of our needs for the trip. When the bus cam we got in by class. The bus ride was about one hour and thirty minutes. When we got to the V resort We got into our rooms and got our day packs out and hanged out in the rooms for a little bit then we went downstairs to get ready for the hike. We hiked up a mountain and at the top we drew what we saw. The hike was one hour and thirty minutes. When we got back to the resort we had lunch it was really good. Then after that we got  hour and forty five minutes of free time you could swim or play tennis or even have indoor games. Then when that was over we got ready for dinner then after dinner we had our night activities we made Vietnamese lions and had a lion dance. Then Mr. Dylan read us a book around the bond fire. And then we went to bed that was the end of day one.

 The next day we woke up at 6:30 am got ready for the day made our room clean and then get it checked by a teacher. Then it's time for breakfast after breakfast we had our rotations. There was Mindful thinking, Cooking, Dancing, Dodge Ball and Swimming. At swimming we made a rip in our pool and made rafts and at the end we played water polo. Then we had lunch in the middle of the rotations. We had dinner after all the fun. And then we went into a big room were we had our disco night that was probably my favorite thing in the whole camp. We all had dance groups and we performed them at the disco night. After the disco night we went to bed.

The next day we woke up and did the same morning routine by making our room brushing our teeth and getting a room check. We had breakfast and then we went back to our rooms to get our day packs and pack our bags with all of our belongings we left our bags in our rooms and took our day packs to the downstairs area were we will all meet to go to a Vietnamese school there we will have activities with them. Some of the activities were interviewing Vietnamese students we also played a ball game against them. At the end we all got in the big area were we all met. the Vietnamese school gave us sticky rice. After that we walked back to the resort and we went to a room and got our bags brought them downstairs and loaded the bus we got on and had a longer bus ride than before we stopped on the way for a bathroom break and got on the bus and after a while we finally got back to school.

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