Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Weekly Reading Reading Responses

We do reading responses it's like reading homework. I did it on My Side of the Mountain. It's about a boy who runs away from his house into the wild. He goes into the forest with a pen knife A hatchet and a notepad and pen. I chose  the characters bed room; he is living in a hollowed out oak tree. He has a deer skins on the out side of the tree like door flaps two deer skins lay-ad inside the tree as a cushioning bed and another two skins for a carpet. A fire pit and a stand for his pet peregrine falcon that he found as a little chick on the cliff. Over the years he has made fishing hooks and line spears and baskets. He has a little lamp to keep him warm by the fire.


  1. Graham I liked that you talked about the reading response and what we do. But maybe you should tell the boy's name.

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