Monday, 19 September 2016

Art description



:By:Chuck Close
  • Blue eyes/nose/whiskers.
  • creative/realistic.
  • Orange/Blue/Black/White.
  • Its cool/Very realistic
  • I’m a tiger at school And there won of my favourite animal. I don’t draw with squares.

Relate :
  •  Eyes/nose/whiskers/color.
  • Seeing tigers at the zoo.
  • It’s a Painting But it used squares to make it.  
  • It’s a painting of an animal.But it’s not real.
  • Why he uses squares.

Analyze :
  • The Eyes of the tiger because there blue.
  • Largest the nose Smallest is the whiskers.  
  • the nose looks closest.
  • There is only a certain colors.
  • It was painted using squares.  

Interpret :
  • The squared painted tiger. He’s a very famous painter he’s in a wheelchair because of a blood clot but after al of the pain he panted with very happy feelings and painted with squares.
  • Likes the color and like’s animals.
  • Piano,ukaleyle,floot.


  • Because if they love animals or tigers it shows a diffrent way on how to draw\paint with squares.
  • 7 because first it looks realystic and he used squares to paint it in a diffrent way that other artist don’t do.
  • That the painter had a sad and happy life and is a great painter.
  • Because he might like a the colors and the animals.

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  1. Do you mean one instead of won. And instead of ukaleyle do you mean ukulele.