Thursday, 18 January 2018

This Week

This week we were working on the partial quotient method the types of governance. We also worked on some math problems.

The Partial Quotient method is a method that we will use for division. It has helped me a lot with my division these two week's. I use to be really bad at division and now with the partial quotient method and doing a lot on study ladder.

Our class has decided to be a democracy class. So we have a president and a prime minister and the four other ministry's like the ministry of justice ( court). We have our own rules ( laws), and our government.

Today we were working on our discussion essays. We were grading them by the purpose and the structure.

WE had a math problem about how many cubes you could pick up and the hand span about 5A students. We were finding the average in between all of the number's.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

The types of Governance

This week we were learning about the different types of governance. First we learned about monarchy. Monarchy is a type of government that has one leader who is a monarch. They are usually a a king, Queen or Emperor and Empress. They have power over their people. In our Monarchy we had a King Xavier he could choose what he wanted to do and all of the things he would have to choose to do. Some people didn't like what he did and it was challenging for him to pick seat for people.

Then we had anarchy the next day so we were all aloud to do what ever we wanted to do. But some people thought their could be leaders and so we had lots of groups of people so people thought their were leaders but really their weren't. Then Mr Nathan took over and he had complete power. So he made us work. So we were in a dictatorship he had complete power over us. So Mr. Nathan was the dictator. They have so much power that you keep your place.

The last type is Democracy. Democracy is the type of governance that all people vote for example when you vote for a president and who ever gets the most wins. So in our class we had to vote for someone who you thought was going to be a good president. So he chose how much time we did math, literacy and research.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Shark tank presentations.

In school today we had our presentations on our energy sources. We each got a country and a source of energy. In the past week we have searched on how it works and how it could be better. We made prototypes of our inventions and we made biogas. Our group got biogas is was a very interesting topic on how you use manure and food scraps.

We had judges looking at us and thinking of how to vote for us. I think my group did a great job but a think we could've been better when we spoke it should have been better.

Our prototype is a bottle with all of the organic substance that you wanted to use then you put yeast in warm water and pour it in with the organic substance then put water in with the biomass and put a balloon over it and in a few hours it would have methane gas would rise up and and fill the balloon up. Then with the gas you would spark it so you could cook and if you just wanted to cook you could leave the fire burning so that you could cook. If you wanted electricity you could have the fire and burn water in a tin can and then steam would come out to turn the turbine connected to the generator and you have electricity.

It is friday the day right before winter break and I will be going to phu quoc in vietnam.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Mon Animal Secret

In french class we were making our on Kahoot on an animal that we wrote about. My animal was the hippo. I wrote about how it looks and if it is dangerous or not but it had to be a secret so you could only have facts about it. It was really fun playing others. They had lots of different questions.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Maker Morning

During Maker Morning the fifth graders had to finish their projects on energy. My energy is Biomass, biomass is a type of energy that you transform organic substance into energy.

First my group was going to make the gas. We would need to have a Plastic bottle, Balloon, Yeast and the organic substance. We put the substance in in the bottle all mushed up and grinned. Put the yeast in warm water then put it in the bottle fill the balloon up with water and put it on. Then you shake it and leave it and wait the gas will slowly rise up (Ours is the one to the right down below.)

Then we wanted to do some thing with the gas so we decided that you can burn it with a spark and you can have your gas stove on and it is clean gas so no carbine dioxide and then you can cook or you could use your flame to burn the tin can on it's side with liquid in it so it will turn to steam and then it will come out a little tube to a turbine which when it spins it will create electricity. So we tried to do that so we made a prototype and burned the bottom on it's side and unfortunately we didn't have enough water. It burned the bottom of the can. Picture down below. 


Thursday, 30 November 2017

Cool-Aid Math Problem

In class today we had a Graham Fletcher problem. It was a cool-aid problem cool-aid is a type of pouter that you can make into liquid drink. Graham Fletcher made a video with one half of a liter he poured the cool-aid into the cup and drank 3/8 of it. So after that we tried to answer what was left of the cool-aid. 

Our parents were in our class room looking at how we worked and how the teacher teached us. I answered the answer and got the answer 125ml was left and wasn't consumed. After that we talked about how we got our answer and showed our models I got the answer correct.I learned that we were dividing fractions.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Ma Presentation

 In french we were making a french presentation. I chose a cat and I wanted it to be funny so I took a fat cat. This is what i said Bounjour je m'apple Graham mon chat s'apple Teale. Il est tres tres obeze est tres paresseux.Il est un chat noir et blanc. Il aime mange le jambon et poison. Il est tres coquin quand il mange. Les oreilles sont pointues. Il est gentil et il n'est pas mechant. et toi? quel est ton animal prefere? comment est ton animal domestique? 


If a could do it again i would try to get the poster in the video. I would ad more animal body parts . THANK YOU